Longriver buildings enrich Melbourne life.

Across residential, hospitality, commercial and retail, we create intelligent, enduring spaces inspired by the individuals and communities who live, work and play within and around them.

We proudly call this world-class city home, and see it as our responsibility to optimise its livability. Acknowledging what came before, while unapologetically looking forward, we’re honoured to play a considered part in shaping what makes Melbourne tick.

Our proven, dynamic team is our foundation. We ask the questions others won’t, channelling our deep expertise into intrepid ideas and globally inspired solutions. Why follow when we can lead? Why replicate when we can innovate to exceed expectations?

We’re Longriver and we create considered, enduring properties for Melbourne’s way of life.

Creators of considered, enduring spaces.

A building is defined by the experiences it enables. The spaces we create are ones to be effortlessly enjoyed, both now and into the future.

We’re inspired by the individuals and communities who bring our work to life: the home owners, the workers, the shoppers, the holiday-makers and the passers-by. Through considered design, Longriver properties make life easier. They function seamlessly, they promise durability and experiences to enjoy.

The properties we create are the ones we believe in: those enabling us to try the untried, to enhance environments and generate new narratives. Seeing our spaces hum with human energy is the truest marker of our success.

New thinking for fresh futures.

Every Longriver project is a new opportunity – a chance to unlock our creativity and do things differently.

What does the community truly need? What has the market missed? How can we transform a site into a living human space? There’s nothing more exciting than a challenge. Where others find problems, we see gaps to be filled with bright ideas and intrepid solutions.

With fresh, innovative thinking, Longriver advances the market to enhance the future.

Shaping Melbourne.

We’re not just based in Melbourne, we belong here. We understand the magic of this city because we tread its laneways, we ride its trams, we drink its coffee and call it home.

Drawing inspiration globally, we craft solutions to serve and excite the people of Melbourne. From Collins Street to Box Hill, Longriver buildings embody and augment our city’s eclectic culture. Acknowledging what came before, while unapologetically looking forward, we’re proudly shaping Melbourne.

Focused and
free to move.

Our proven, dynamic team is our foundation: trusted, diverse and exceptionally strong.

With an unmatched network of industry partners and a fierce dedication to detail, our collective experience is best in class. Highly considered and creative, we’re unburdened by legacy or red-tape. Our ability to respond to the market with pace and quality, sets us apart.

Focused and discerning, we exist to deliver intelligent, enduring spaces across residential, commercial, hospitality and retail.

Our Team

Andrew Yu
Managing Director
Colin Sui
Josh Taylor
Development Director
Jason Wong
Financial Officer
Josh Fitt
Development Manager
Julian Bevilacqua
Assistant Development Manager

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